SME Guide to Good King Social Content

Here’s a brief explanation of why small business will flourish with social media if they commit fully to publishing content relevant to their customers.

What do we mean by content?

‘Content’ refers to words, images, graphics, video and audio. Long or short. Fleeting or engaging. A blog like this, for example.

Publishing (or sharing) other people’s content, relevant to your customers, on your blog or social platforms, is great… You’re helping your clients reach things which are useful to them.

But… creating your own is more valuable still.


Success lies in inspiring people to ‘share’.
Share is why people use social media.
Sharing lets people connect with new and existing networks and attempt to improve their social standing.

Make your content sharable within your market and you will enable people to do more of why they are connected to social platforms in the first place.
And original is more sharable than referred content because it is new/exclusive/fresh. Of course, it also builds your brand.

How do you make content sharable?

Sharable content is:
-          Consumable – easy to understand/grasp
-          Relevant – has specific importance to the market
-          Sharable – is published in a way which lets others share

If you want to plan and create content see our infographic about how you should approach the process.

Not only are we super nice here at LE, but we’re also specialists at content planning and generation, offering infographics, copy writing/editing and numerous other services designed to help you conceive and publish content your clients want to consume and share.

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